This page is designed to allow a user to access the full database and search for records from a particular site or from a particular grid square.

The difficulty with the site name approach is that different recorders may have used variations on a site name or, worse, a completely different name for the same place. The search box, below, allows for part of a site name to be entered and will return all records where the site name contains that text, case insensitive. (Be cautious about using too few letters as the search will then return too many records; at least four or five letters are recommended). You may have to enter several search terms and combine the results in a spreadsheet on your computer. As an example, records from Llyn Tegid (or Bala Lake) could be found by searching first for tegid and then for bala.

As an aid in finding out which site names have been used there is an option to list all the site names within a grid square. One can then see at a glance whether it will just be a matter of listing the records for one site name or whether several lists will have to be combined.

As an alternative approach it is also possible to extract a list of records from a particular grid square, either a hectad (e.g. SH95) or a monad (e.g. SH9453). Of course, the site of interest may cover more than one grid square, in which case the search will have to be repeated.

In both cases you can ask for just a species list or for fuller details though only the most recent record is shown for each unique grid reference. Remember that for the site name search the species list will be for all sites where the site name contains the specified text and this may include sites other than the one you are interested in - so care is needed.

You can select any records of interest, copy them, and then paste them into a speadsheet. (Use paste special). Unhelpfully, dates sort alphabetically below but will work as expected in a spreadsheet except for the numerous 'vague' dates which can only be treated as text.

Many well-recorded hectads and specific sites have thousands of associated records. These could be shown here but the limit is currently set at 2000 records.